OT and Automation Coordinator

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Fecha: 11 feb. 2024

Ubicación: Puerto Gral San Martín, AR, 2202

Empresa: Bunge

Are you willing to consolidate your career in OT and Automation? 


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An OT and Automation Coordinator work closely with automation engineer and accelerated plants in order to leverage technology use to improve, streamline and automate a manufacturing process. They are responsible for planning, implementation, and monitoring such technology with the plants they support.



Main Accountabilities 

•    Management of activities related to OT and from automation engineers.
•    Management of the execution of the necessary actions with the operating units.
•    Map and development of local and regional vendors to support implementation process
•    Definitions related to the infrastructure and architecture of networks together with other areas of the company, aiming at the segregation between IT and OT networks.
•    Integration and data communication between the most diverse layers of the network, following applicable cybersecurity protocols.
•    Explore and implementing new ways to automate systems 
•    Design and testing automation equipment and processes 
•    Support in defining wireless OT network and communication protocols needed to ensure connectivity.
•    Interaction with process historians, enabling communications and data for deeper analysis.
•    Interaction with different communication protocols (Profibus, OPC UA and DA, Profinet, etc.).
•    Support in monitoring projects involving ICS and Industry 4.0 update.
•    Work together with industrial and IT teams to deliver scalable and secure solutions.
•    Interface with several corporate areas and preparation of technical documents, presentations, and reports.
•    Connect and collaborate with teams from other regions of the world to share best practices and global standards definitions.


Knowledge and Technical Competencies 
•    Knowledge Tools: Microsoft Office package, Excel Advanced, Tableau, Power BI.
•    Soft skills: story telling, curious, resilient, organized, urgent census and prioritization of demands.
•    Strong analytical skills
•    Excited about trying new solutions 
•    Experience with project management
•    Experience with robotics, AI and machine learning



•    Background: Engineering, Automation, Computer Science.
•    Advanced English and Spanish (It will be a differential)
•    Availability for frequent travels.



Location: Puerto General San Martin, Santa Fe




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